whats new in the fandom. any cool aus? i havent checked since school started. cant wait to make 3D model DanVlads

i can put danny in any other series and it works. im so glad danphan is so crossover friendly. an entire dimension with doors to other dimensions????? holy shit

i fucking love crossovers

lots of lightening blend layers lots of darkening blend layers lot of blur (deleted on yellow) w exclusion layer on top unedited

sorry for taking forever, i keep forgetting to look in my inbox 

i tend to use either a lot of blur, then delete the blur that spills outside of the orig outline, it makes for a good blurry effect but still leaves the silhouette sharp n crispy. 

i would also recommend to play around with blend modes. heres a good tutorial to find out what the different blend modes do, and all of them can potentially enhance or destroy your picture… if you play around youll find what works best for the picture youre working on. theres no right or wrong, as long as you like what happens, go for it! 

and remember that sometimes, subtle is better, and sometimes going over the top is the only way. i

(delinquent dan, because i think hes super cool. gonna beat up those yokai)